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Current Planning Applications


Plans Recently Submitted to Wiltshire Council


Application Number                                                                              Description                                   Date Registered
17/00438/FUL Retrospective permission for erection of a 1.8 m high closeboard wooden fence to side elevation at 10 Manor Close Urchfont Devizes Wiltshire SN10 4RE  10 February 2017
17/00916/FUL To restore and re-roof single storey existing garden shed/store at The Old School High Street Urchfont Wiltshire SN10 4QH  13 February 2017
17/01259/FUL Extension to existing hay storage barn at Marsh Lane Barns Marsh Lane Urchfont Devizes SN10 3PR  13 February 2017


Single storey side extension at Hamilton Peppercombe Close Urchfont Devizes SN10 4QS  22 February 2017
17/02067/FUL Proposed single storey side & rear extension & proposed satellite dish, shed & greenhouse at 17 The Orchard Urchfont Wiltshire SN10 4QX   17 March 2017
17/02258/FUL Demolition of existing dwelling and erection of four dwellings with garages & associated works at The Beeches Blackboard Lane Urchfont Devizes Wiltshire SN10 4RD  16 March 2017


Decisions on Planning Applications Recently Received from Wiltshire Council



Application Number



16/12296/FUL Conservatory to the rear at Pillings Cuckoo Corner Urchfont Devizes SN10 4RA  Approved
17/00465/TCA Walnut (T1) - Fell Holly (T2) - Fell Sycamore (T3) - Fell Sycamore (T4) - Fell. (T5) - Fell at Green Farm The Green URCHFONT SN10 4RB  No objection
17/01030/TPO Silver Birch (T1) - crown clean, and crown raise to give 1m clearance from top of hedge. Red Oak (T3) - crown clean, reduce crown and crown raise to 4m over neighbouring property to balance. Wild Cherry (T4) - crown clean, thin crown and remove stubs from previous work. Red Oak (T11) - crown clean and crown raise to 4m to give clearance over lawn and hedge. Common Oak (T10) - lift and reduce limbs on neighbours side to balance. Beech 'Asplenifolia' (T8) - crown clean. Crown raise to 4m to give clearance over lawn. Smooth Japanease Maple (T7) - minor crown lifting and balancing to give 4m clearance over lawn. Turkey Oak (T6) - crown raise to 6m (as per notification of Full Planning Permission E/2013/0246/FUL). Reduce crown by 25% at Jubilee House Townsend Urchfont Devizes Wiltshire SN10 4RR  Approved
17/01150/TPO T1 - Grey Poplar tree - fell at Moonacre Urchfont Devizes Wiltshire SN10 4RP  Approved
17/01292/TCA T2 - Cherry tree - fell at Moonacre Urchfont Devizes Wiltshire SN10 4RP  No objection
17/01440/DDD Weeping Beech tree - fell at The Old School High Street Urchfont Devizes Wiltshire SN10 4QH  DD Decision Letter


 For a list of Wiltshire Council's Decisions on plans earlier than those listed above, please click here

 For the full details of particular application please click on the planning application number in the above tables. This will take you to the page on the Wiltshire Council website which covers all aspects of the application.

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