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Plans Recently Submitted to Wiltshire Council


Application Number                                                                              Description                                   Date Registered


Erection Of Nine Dwellings Together With Associated Works on Land at Uphill Friars lane Devizes Urchfont SN10 4SA  24 July 2018

19/04582/LBC & 19/04118/FUL

Single storey rear extension together with minor internal alterations at 23 High Street Wedhampton Wilts SN10 3QE  26 April 2019


Proposed dwelling and associated external works at Land at The Bottom Urchfont Devizes Wiltshire SN10 4SD  21 May 2019
19/04945/FUL Siting of timber cabin for use as farm office at Land at Manor Farm Wedhampton Devizes SN10 3RR 21 May 2019
19/05722/TCA Remove a fir tree from the front of the house. at Oakfrith Cottage The Green Urchfont SN10 4RB 12 June 2019


Decisions on Planning Applications Recently Received from Wiltshire Council



Application Number



18/09932/FUL Creation of off street parking area (retrospective), replace existing windows and door on front elevation, new french windows on gable elevation at Yew Tree Cottage The Bottom Urchfont Devizes Wiltshire SN10 4SF  Approved
18/10675/FUL Single storey extension to dwelling at 14 Manor Close Urchfont SN10 4RE  Approved
18/11512/TCA T1 - Mulberry Tree - Reduce by 10 - 15% T2 - Yew Tree - Cut back to boundary at St Michaels Church, high Street , Urchfont , Wiltshire, SN10 4QP   No Objection
18/11801/TCA Holly - Fell, Hawthorn - Reduce by 30%, hazel - Reduce by 30% at 2 Oakston High Street Urchfont Wiltshire SN10 4QL  No Objection
18/11951/FUL Replace existing flat roof on garage with pitched roof and extend garage at 16 The Paddock Urchfont SN10 4SH  Approved
19/00173/FUL Replace flat roof on garage with pitched roof at 15 The Paddock Urchfont SN10 4SH  Approved
19/00449/TCA Fell Beech Tree at Woodpeckers Chapel Lane Urchfont Devizes Wiltshire SN10 4QY  No Objection
19/00580/FUL Replace existing conservatory polycarbonate roof with solid roof at 11 The Paddock Urchfont SN10 4SH  Approved
19/00683/FUL Demolition of existing single garage and erection of three bay oak framed garage at Ellis Cottage Greengate Road Wedhampton SN10 3QB  Approved
19/00827/TCA T1, T2 & T3 - Willow trees. Coppice. T4 - Group of Hazel, Elder and Horse Chestnut. Re coppice Hazel, fell Elder and Horse Chestnut. T5 - Purple leaf Plum T6 - Conifer, reduce southerly limb that overhangs neighbouring property at Friars Cottage High Street Urchfont SN10 4QL  No Objection
19/01209/TCA Maple tree - crown reduce 30% at Barton House The Paddock Urchfont Devizes Wiltshire SN10 4SH  No Objection
19/01049/TCA Reduce 3 ornamental conifers by 30% at The Barn High Street Wedhampton Devizes Wiltshire SN10 3QE  No Objection
19/01163/LBC & 19/01129/FUL Demolition and reconstruction of existing outbuilding (Amendment to 18/08261/LBC &18/07934/FUL) at Beech House High Street Urchfont SN10 4QN  Approved
19/01617/TCA Norway maple (N1) To reduce the tree height by 50% and to remove lateral branches at Newbury House 1 N High Street Urchfont SN10 4QN  No Objection
19/02010/TCA Conifer - Fell at 26 Greengate Road Wedhampton Devizes Wiltshire SN10 3QB  No Objection
19/02294/FUL Bay extension and kitchen extension at 14 The Orchard Urchfont Devizes Wiltshire SN10 4QX  Approved
18/11666/FUL Siting of 8 storage containers (retrospective) in connection with the agricultural use of the site at Farm Buildings Cemetry Lane Rookery Farm Urchfont Devizes Wilts SN10 4RY  Approved
19/03262/TCA T1 - Conifer - Fell T2/T3 - Spruce Trees - Fell T4 - Magnolia - Fell T5/T6 Ash - Fell T7 - Conifer Hedge - Reduce by 50% at 17A The Paddock Urchfont Devizes Wiltshire SN10 4SH  No Objection
19/03020/TCA T1 - Ash tree - crown lift & remove one overhanging branch & deadwood T2 - Ash tree - crown reduction to remove overhanging branches at Village Green Urchfont SN10 4BA No Ojection
19/02916/FUL Proposed single storey front and side extension at 18 Walnut Close Urchfont SN10 4RU  Approved
19/02975/FUL Proposed conservatory to rear elevation at 9 Manor Farmyard Urchfont Wilts SN10 4BA  Approved
19/03627/TCA T1 - Weeping Ash tree - remove deadwood and rebalance by reducing height of left side by 15% at Hanover House High Street Urchfont Devizes Wiltshire SN10 4QH  No Objection
19/03499/TCA Eucalyptus (T1) - multistemmed tree. Fell to ground level. Conifer Hedge (T2) - reduce in height by 3 - 4m. Large limbs overhanging 15 The Paddock Ash (T3) - reduce in height to match conifer hedge. Eucalyptus (T4) - . Fell to ground level at The Grange High Street Urchfont SN10 4QL  No Objection
19/02982/FUL Off street parking bay (retrospective application) at Baish Cottage The Bottom Urchfont Wiltshire SN10 4SD  Approved
19/04253/TCA 6 x Cypress trees - reduce to 2m Cypress tree - fell Cypress tree - reduce 50% Beech tree - raise crown to 2m at Wheelwrights High Street Urchfont Devizes Wiltshire SN10 4QL  No Objection
18/11748/FUL Erect six timber stables with a feed store and tack room at Horse Paddock Lydeway Devizes Wilts SN10 3PX  Approved
19/03481/FUL Replacement of existing timber framed club house with new larger timber framed clubhouse including WCs, fence line to be adjusted at Urchfont Tennis Club Urchfont (Land of Urchfont Parish Council) Devizes SN10 4RB  Approved


 For a list of Wiltshire Council's Decisions on plans earlier than those listed above, please click here

 For the full details of particular application please click on the planning application number in the above tables. This will take you to the page on the Wiltshire Council website which covers all aspects of the application.

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