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Boule is the French alternative to Bowls, but it is played with metal balls rather than wood, on a hard ‘piste’ rather than on a grass bowling green. And it’s a little bit less sedate!

There is a boule piste in the garden of The Lamb Inn at Urchfont, available for customers’ use, and if you are new to the game then you can even borrow a set of boules to try your hand.

Boule is a convivial game and what could be more convivial than an outdoors glass of wine or beer, or a warming coffee or hot chocolate? And in addition to the dining menu there is a tempting variety of Panini or baguettes with fillings, salads, ploughman’s etc.

So, if you would be interested in playing boule locally then The Lamb Inn would be happy to host some regular players. Call Steve Ellis on 01380 738604, (or email, and we will arrange a meeting to see if the idea can ‘roll’! (12th August 2014)



Friends of Farmers Field have issued a bulletin giving details of current works, plans for the future and a bird box sponsorship scheme - CLICK HERE to see the bulletin.



Footpaths and Bridleways have been subject to an abnormal growing season this year; some say as much as 40% more than usual. This has meant that many routes have been overgrown with brambles, stinging nettles and other vegetation making it very difficult if not impossible for walkers in particular.

Having received a number of complaints / comments about the state of these routes within the Parish, it is important to correct the perception of some that it is the responsibility of the Parish Rights of Way Group to keep these routes clear. It is not, the responsibility rests with the owners of the land through which the footpath, bridleway or other public right of way passes, whether it is a private owner or public body such as Wiltshire Council that is subject to significant financial and manpower constraints and must prioritise their actions.

The Parish Rights-of-Way Group (RWG) is a small band of local volunteers who give up a considerable amount of their personal time to help maintain the numerous routes that run through our Parish, they do it for you and the community! They have been working very hard recently and many of the routes are now much improved for all to use and enjoy.

However, YOU could possibly do more to help keep our Parish footpaths etc. accessible, clean and enjoyable for all:

  • If you have bushes, trees or hedges growing on your property that border any form of Public Right-of-Way (including public highways / roads, pavements, footpaths and bridleways), you have a legal responsibility to ensure that nothing overhangs or encroaches which may impede progress for users on foot, in vehicles, on bikes or riding horses? The fact that you may have a fence within your property boundary does not absolve you of responsibility for the strip of land outside the fence which you may also own. Do not forget that if your overhanging vegetation brushes material off of passing vehicles then this could then block local drains and lead to flooding in due course. THERE ARE A NUMBER OF PROPERTIES WITHIN THE PARISH THAT CURRENTLY HAVE OVERHANGING VEGETATION, IS YOURS ONE OF THEM?? Some households will receive letters from the Parish Council in this respect.
  • Please help the RWG and the community by regularly trimming-back your own bushes, trees or hedges which may overhang / impede Public Rights-of-Way; dispose of the cuttings in your green bins. Remember that it is illegal to dump your garden waste material on any Public Right-of-Way.
  • Irresponsible dog owners who allow their dogs to pooh on any Public Right-of-Way (footpaths, bridle ways, pavements, roads etc.) and do not clear it up are not only breaking the law and subject to potential prosecution, but also leave an additional unhealthy hazard for anyone who is trying to maintain the route or even just walking it. PLEASE REMEMBER TO BAG IT AND BIN IT! Any public litter bin within the Parish can be used for disposal of this waste.



Wiltshire Rural Housing Association have advised the Parish Council that they are in the process of advertising affordable homes for rent and shared ownership homes in Manor Farmyard, Urchfont. Registration through Homes 4 Wiltshire and/or Help to Buy South respectively is required before you can apply. To be considered you will require a local connection to Urchfont or a neighbouring parish. 

CLICK HERE to see more information about affordable homes to rent

CLICK HERE to see mre information about shared ownership homes




Following analysis of the School Travel Survey, the final version of the Urchfont Community and School Travel Plan has been agreed and an application for Capital Grant Funding has been submitted. The Travel Plan can be downloaded by clicking here.

The Travel Plan comprises measures and initiatives to improve community pedestrian and cycling safety along the routes to the school and to the community playing field.

This is the initial step to gain possible funding for these measures proposed for 2015. However, be reassured, as the project develops, public consultation will form part of the process.




This update is for anyone who might be feeling a little confused as to what this development and the road thereon will actually be called when completed, we have been assured by Redcliffe Homes that it will be called MANOR FARMYARD and that a post code has been issued in this respect. This is the name that the Parish Council approved.

However, for marketing purposes only, you may have seen that it was first advertised as Snook's Yard on the display board at the site, this has now been changed to Badelynge Yard which is the name for a collection of ducks. House types on the development are being named after individual duck species.




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