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The Parish Council OBJECTED to the updated plans for the above development at their meeting on the 9th January 2019 for the following reasons:

1. The proposed application does not address the necessary road infrastructure improvements and enhancements for pedestrian and vehicle safety(along its main access route to and from the B3098), to sufficiently support this development. (*UWLNP Policy TIC1 1(a))

2. The number of Affordable houses has been reduced from 3 to 2. Development proposals of more than 5 properties are expected to deliver at least 30% (net) Affordable Houses. (*UWLNP Policy H3 (1))

3. The proposed entrance layout to the site, at a junction of 4 existing roads, does not allow safe movement of pedestrians and vehicles with priority to pedestrians. (*UWLNP Policy D1 (e))

4. The ridge height of proposed houses, are at least 2metres above those of houses in the immediate area, and as such does not respect the visual impact upon the existing rural locality and reflect local distinctiveness. (*UWLNP Policy D1 (a))


(*Urchfont Wedhampton Lydeway Neighbourhood Plan – UWLNP


We have been informed that under the WC delegation scheme the above application will be determined at the Eastern Area Planning Committee on 31 January 2019.

The Planning Committee provides an opportunity for members of the public to attend and express their views on planning applications or specific items on the agenda. The agenda and the committee reports for each Development Control Committee are published 7 days prior to the committee meeting. These are also available on the Website A list of Frequently Asked Questions can also be found on the website following this link.

The meetings start at 3.00pm and are held in the Wessex Room, The Corn Exchange, Market Place, Devizes, SN10 1HS. If you would like to register to speak at one of the Committee meetings please contact Democratic Services on 01225 718504. Alternatively, you can send an email to



(Updated 23rd January 2018)




Councillor Dave Mottram resigned from Urchfont Parish Council with immediate effect on 9th January 2019 .

This now means that two vacancies exist on the Council, a formal Noticy of Vacancy will be issued shortly by WC Electoral Services. 

In the meantime, anyone who might be interested in becoming a coumcillor is invited to 'Express and Interest' to the Clerk of the Council who will be able to provide additional information and also keep you up to date with the election / co-option process and timetable.

(Published 10th January 2019)




PROW PUBLIC ENQUIRY - Path from Top Green to the Playing Field

DATE FOR YOUR DIARY - The Parish Council understand that the public enquiry will be held in Urchfont for up to three days commencing 24th April 2019. The enquiry is likely to be held in Urchfont Village Hall. These details will be confirmed nearer the time.

(Published 21st September 2018)



Having sought advice from the Environment Agency, the Parish Council have been informed that samples indicate that in addition to the very visible and relatively innocuous red algae the pond water also contains potentially harmful BLUE / GREEN ALGAE. This algae can be potentially harmful to humans, wildlife, pets and birds.

Warning Notices have been placed around the Pond advising the public to avoid all contact with the water, in the event that contact is made then you should wash your hands / exposed areas thoroughly as soon as possible.

Swallowing the water or algal scum can potentially cause stomach upsets, skin problems or more serious health effects. It is a sensible precaustion for you, your children and your pets to avoid contact with the scum and the water close to it.

In consultation with the Environment Agency the Parish Council understands that the algae is expected to disperse naturally sometime around November, but could reappear in Spring 2019. Further samples will be requested at various stages, the Parish Council are considering what additional measures might to necessary if the alge remains.

This article will be updated in due course.

(Updated 17th Se[tember 2018)





It has just been announced by CPRE that Urchfont again came second in the Kennet section of this competition, missing out by only one point to Ramsbury. A disappointing result, but well donre to Ramsbury. 

Despite losing, a great deal of time and effort was nevertheless put in by many individuals in the community to prepare for this competition. Well done to all who contributed, your efforts are a great benefit to the Village.

(Published 24th June 2018)




The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) supersedes the Data Protection Act 1998 with effect 25th May 2018. Urchfont Parish Council is committed to compliance with Data Protection Legislation; its Policies, Procedures and Guidance can be found HERE.


?(Updated 14th May 2018)




Vehicle damage to grass verges (and some pavements) in the Parish is noticeably increasing, this not only creates hazards for pedestrians but reduces / disfigures green spaces which are costly to repair. More fundamentally the damage is spoiling the appearance of the Village environment.

Whilst such damage is often blamed on large farm or contractors vehicles passing through our community, in reality it is actually being caused by all types of private and commercial vehicles through impatience, inconsiderate parking on narrow roads / parking areas / verges / pavements and inconsiderate driver behaviour in general. All vehicles / drivers are entitled to use our roads safely and considerately assuming that they are appropriately licensed, taxed and insured, they are NOT entitled to damage property whether it be private or community owned land.

A plea to ALL drivers using our Parish roads, please respect our Parish environment – drive carefully, safely and with consideration for all other road users and residents – avoid driving over or parking on grass verges and pavements; you may be held liable for the repair of any damage that you cause.

(Published 21st February 2018)





Farmers Field is a 2 acre former grazing field close to Urchfont Cemetery bequeathed to the people of Urchfont in 2000 by Ernie Pottinger, a long-time resident and farmer in the village. Ernie requested that the field be used as a semi-natural woodland for the benefit of village residents.  The Field has been and is maintained by a group of volunteers from within the Community.

In 2016 the Parish Council tasked a member of Wiltshire Wildlife Trust to produce vision, development and management plans for the facility covering the next 25 years or so. These plans are now well advanced; the objectives being to improve sustainability of the facility itself, generate / improve community awareness and hopefully increase usage by creating a more sustainable and pleasant environment for the public to enjoy. Further information on this exciting initiative will be published in due course.

?A presentation on the way forward and to gauge residents interest in developing this facility will be given at the Annual Parish Meeting on 13th April 2018. 

(Published 20th September 2017, updated 14th March 2018)



Following an application submitted by the Parish Council to Wiltshire Council, the decision has been taken to list the Inn and adjacent land and outbuildings as an Asset of Community Value.

This decision has been taken because The Lamb Inn is the last remaining pub in the village of Urchfont and it provides a meeting place for individuals, families, small groups and local organisations. It is the home venue for various skittles teams and it is used by local tennis, cricket and croquet clubs. The Community Shop and Post Office currently occupy an outbuilding belonging to the pub, which provides a valuable local service to the community.

An entry has been made on the Land Register and the owner of the asset cannot dispose of it without satisfying a number of criteria in consultation with Wiltshire Council; this could facilitate the opportunity for a community interest group to be treated as a potential bidder.

Unless the entry is challenged, The Lamb Inn remains on this list until 26th July 2022.

(Published on 3rd August 2017)



Traffic speeds were automatically recorded recently at two points between Crooks Lane and the existing 30mph speed zone signs (see data below). The objective being to provide evidence for the possible reduction of the 60mph zone over this section of the B3098 and in Crooks Lane. This evidence together with other measures to try and encourage drivers to slow down as they enter the Village will be considered further by WC in consultation with the Parish Council.

  • Site A – equipment mounted on traffic sign east of Rookery View – average speed of 3833 vehicles were recorded as 41mph eastbound and 40mph westbound.
  • Site B – equipment installed adjacent to the layby on the southern side of the B3098 – average speeds of 3642 vehicles were recorded as 43mph eastbound and 42mph westbound.

(Published 23rd July 2017)



It was decided at the Parish Council meeting on 12th July 2017 to replace the Community Grant Scheme with immediate effect by a new Financial Assistance Policy offering a more flexible and wider benefit approach. The key factors of the new policy are:

  • That applicants can approach the Council at any time during the year, there is no deadline for applications or requirement to wait until the following financial year for payment
  • Each application will need to gain the sponsorship and oversight of a Parish Councillor
  • Funding will be awarded from the Parish Council project rather than grants budget if and when approved
  • Financial assistance can only be for capital project proposals
  • That the proposal will need to demonstrate benefit to the wider Parish community rather than just to the organisation or group making the application
  • Applications will only be accepted if submitted on the Parish Council form available on the website.

The new policy, procedure and application form can be found HERE.




Voting took place in the UWLNP Referendum on 20th April 2017. The declared result was carried 0n the basis that 367 electors voted YES and 43 voted NO to the question asked. Turnout was 44.07%.

?(Published 21st April 2017)



?NEW PATH TO CEMETERY FROM THE CROFT - a new fenced path has been completed giving direct access to the cemetery from The Croft without having to go through the allotments. The existing gate to the allotments by the cremation plots has been sealed off and new signage has been erected. The public are no longer permitted to enter the allotment grounds which is private land owned by the Parish Council. My (Clerk to the Council) thanks go to the allotment holder’s working party who at my request cleared a good deal of the rubbish that had accumulated across the site of the new path in preparation for contracted works.?

(Updated 24th February 2017)

PRIVATE FARM ROAD FROM CEMETERY LANE Understandably the road leading up to the ridge from Cemetery Lane across Snook farmland has been closed to the public whilst the grain dryer was being built for H&S reasons. Whilst the road is not a public right of way, the Snook family allowed the public to use the path in the past for dog walking. The route is a relatively dry and clean option to the local bridle paths and footpaths which can become very muddy, overgrown and hazardous to those on foot especially during winter months. Since completion of the dryer I (Clerk) have been getting an increasing number of enquiries from local residents as to when the road will be open for use again, not only up to the line of the electricity pylons but also access to the ridge. I, therefore, emailed the Snook family to gain their thoughts on re-opening the road, it was suggested that they might consider making it a permissive route so that it can be closed when necessary.

I have now received a reply from Mr John Snook in which he “reluctantly” states that it has been decidedNOT to re-open the road to the public for the present”. He includes the following statement in his letter:

“The use of our private farm road was enjoyed and appreciated by many people but was also being abused by some which caused us problems.  We allowed it as a goodwill gesture to the residents of Urchfont but unfortunately some walkers were reluctant to move aside for farm traffic thus causing tractors etc. to come to a standstill and it appeared as if the walkers were doing us a favour in moving aside!  In addition the grass verges were littered with dog poo which made it unpleasant for tractor drivers should they have to get off their machines.  The track was also being used on occasion by cyclists, horses and even some cars.”

Please respect this decision, UPC hope that it will be reconsidered in the near future.?

(Published 20th February 2017)













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