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Wiltshire Council are undertaking a collaborative piece of work that we are seeking assistance with. Approximately 4 years ago, Wiltshire Council collected data related to open space provision in your area and your input was invaluable. However, it is really important that the records the Council has are brought up to date so that they can accurately inform two significant emerging strategies.

The data collected will be used to understand the current provision of existing open space within the county and will form part of the evidence base necessary to underpin a new Green Infrastructure Strategy and an Open Space Strategy.

You can have your say by returning the filled out survey via email to SpatialPlanningPolicy@wiltshire.gov.uk before 31st of March 2020 (copy to clerk@urchfont-pc.gov.uk to inform your Parish Council), or by sending a hard copy to your parish Clerk by 23rd March 2020 to facilitate onward transmission to WC..

If you wish to read around the subject Natural England’s Green Infrastructure’s Guidance page has a downloadable PDF which describes Green Infrastructure. If you wish to see further information regarding Wiltshire Council’s current policies in the Wiltshire Core Strategy please go to our Planning Policy Core Strategy webpage. 

We hope you understand the important role that open space and green infrastructure plays in the community and the benefits thereof of completing and returning the survey.

(Published 28th February 2020)


Devizes Mini-Skips ceased trading in relation to mini-skips with effect 31st December 2019 after supplying community skips to the Parish for many years. At their Council meeting on 8th January 2020, having taken account of the cost and practicalities of the various options available regarding the future of this monthly skip service in the community, Parish Councillors unanimously resolved to discontinue the service with immediate effect.  

Anyone wishing to dispose of unwanted waste / re-usable items should now consider utilising the local household re-cycling centres (e.g. Hopton Industrial Estate), WC kerbside recycling collections, WC large item chargeable collection services e.g. white goods, furniture (See Wiltshire Council website for details including charity organisations who collect large items that can be re-used) or hire the services of a licensed waste disposal / recycling contractor. Please ensure that you only employ licensed contractors to avoid the potential for fly-tipping. Please do not fly-tip yourself.

(Published 24th January 2020


PARISH COUNCIL TAX 2020/21 – At their Council meeting on 8th January 2020, Parish councillors considered fixed, running and desired project expenditure budgeted (draft) for 2020/21. Councillors unanimously decided to restrict the increase in their PRECEPT demand to Wiltshire Council and adjust their budget accordingly. The increased demand equates to a 2% increase in the local Parish Council tax as follows by Household Tax Band:












Per Annum









20/21 Rate per Annum










(Published 24th January 2020)



Having sought advice from the Environment Agency on 23rd April 2019, the Parish Council were informed that new samples indicate that in addition to the very visible and relatively innocuous red algae the pond water also contains potentially harmful BLUE / GREEN ALGAE. This algae can be potentially harmful to humans, wildlife, pets and birds. This is an earlier than expected repeat of the algae problems  the Pond in 2018.

Warning Notices have been placed around the Pond advising the public to avoid all contact with the water, in the event that contact is made then you should wash your hands / exposed areas thoroughly as soon as possible and if necessary seek medical advice. Pets must not be allowed access to the water or to drink from it. Swallowing the water or algal scum can potentially cause stomach upsets, skin problems or more serious health effects. Again, seek medical advice if necessary.

It is a sensible precaustion for you, your children and your pets to avoid any contact whatsoever with the scum and the water. 

An Open Public meeting was held on Thursday 30th May 2019 to discuss the problem, gain information from long term residents on what was done to clean the pond in 1995, possible solutions now and to highlight the possibility of disruption in the Village when works are undertaken.  The situation was then discussed at the Parish Council meeting on 12th June 2019 and budget / project decisions taken to move the clear up scenario forward as soon as possible. Click HERE to see the slide presentation given at the open meeting on 30th May together with those presented to the Council on 12th June 2019.

Works began today (25th June 2019 to try to improve the Pond situation, a pump and aerator have been installed (you can see air bubbles rising to the surface by the Pond Wall) which will operate 24/7 for about 18 months and Siltex / good bacteria applied to the water to help improve the water quality. However, at this point the WARNINGS stated above still apply.

Despite an apparent significant improvement in the water quality of the pond as a result of the introduction of aeration systems and other algae reduction methods, the latest samples show that the potentially harmful blue / green algae is still present above the levels which will allow removal of the warning signs. Please contine to heed the warnings around the Pond until otherwise notified.

This article will be updated as further progress is made.

(Updated 24th January 2020)