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(Published 16th March 2017)



Are you interested in becoming a councillor on this forward looking Council committed to improving the needs of OUR Community?

For more details - See Poster by CLICKING HERE?

The formal NOTICE OF ELECTION (click on Notice) has been published today (15th March 2017) on Parish Notice Boards, nominations have to be submitted to WC by HAND by 4pm on 4th April 2017. Election Day is 4th May 2017.

?Also attached is the Notice of Unitary Council Election.

Clerk to the Council can provide Nomination Packs and any further information or clarification you may require.

(Updated 15th March 2017)




A referendum will be held in the Parish on Thursday 20th April 2017. All electors are entitled and encouraged to vote on this important Plan for the Community. The formal NOTICE OF REFERENDUM has been published on Tuesday 14th March together with an INFORMATION STATEMENT to gain more information about this important voting opportunity, including where you can view the documents. Please click on the document names.

More publicity will be be facilitated by the Parish Council shortly. In the meantime, the referendum version of the UWLNP and associated documents can be found by clicking here


(Updated 14th March 2017)



?NEW PATH TO CEMETERY FROM THE CROFT - a new fenced path has been completed giving direct access to the cemetery from The Croft without having to go through the allotments. The existing gate to the allotments by the cremation plots has been sealed off and new signage has been erected. The public are no longer permitted to enter the allotment grounds which is private land owned by the Parish Council. My (Clerk to the Council) thanks go to the allotment holder’s working party who at my request cleared a good deal of the rubbish that had accumulated across the site of the new path in preparation for contracted works.?

(Updated 24th February 2017)

PRIVATE FARM ROAD FROM CEMETERY LANE Understandably the road leading up to the ridge from Cemetery Lane across Snook farmland has been closed to the public whilst the grain dryer was being built for H&S reasons. Whilst the road is not a public right of way, the Snook family allowed the public to use the path in the past for dog walking. The route is a relatively dry and clean option to the local bridle paths and footpaths which can become very muddy, overgrown and hazardous to those on foot especially during winter months. Since completion of the dryer I (Clerk) have been getting an increasing number of enquiries from local residents as to when the road will be open for use again, not only up to the line of the electricity pylons but also access to the ridge. I, therefore, emailed the Snook family to gain their thoughts on re-opening the road, it was suggested that they might consider making it a permissive route so that it can be closed when necessary.

I have now received a reply from Mr John Snook in which he “reluctantly” states that it has been decidedNOT to re-open the road to the public for the present”. He includes the following statement in his letter:

“The use of our private farm road was enjoyed and appreciated by many people but was also being abused by some which caused us problems.  We allowed it as a goodwill gesture to the residents of Urchfont but unfortunately some walkers were reluctant to move aside for farm traffic thus causing tractors etc. to come to a standstill and it appeared as if the walkers were doing us a favour in moving aside!  In addition the grass verges were littered with dog poo which made it unpleasant for tractor drivers should they have to get off their machines.  The track was also being used on occasion by cyclists, horses and even some cars.”

Please respect this decision, UPC hope that it will be reconsidered in the near future.?

(Published 20th February 2017)



The Planning Inspectorate has issued their planning appeal decision in respect of the above proposed development in Blackboard Lane, Urchfont - APPEAL DISMISSED. CLICK HERE to see the decision letter.?

(Published 22nd November 2016)



The new playground is now fully open for public use. Please respect the new equipment, it is there for the enjoyment of local children.

During Urchfont School operational hours, public access to the playground and tennis courts is restricted to a new gate in the Oakfrith Path fence which is clearly marked for this purpose. The public are not permitted to use other gates or walk across the wider playing field during these hours as part of the School safeguarding arrangements. There are no restrictions on public use of the playground area, including the new equipment at any time. 

(Item updated 22nd November 2016)



The scouts have been in Urchfont for over 70 years and they are the last remaining youth-orientated activity in the Village. Their existing leader, Peter Wheatley, is retiring after the summer camp in July 2016 and the groupd is in desperatye need of a new leader or leaders to take over.
It is a successful and very active troop with a current roll of 20 boys (this could be opened up to girls as well if one of the new leaders is a woman - important for safeguarding reasons). The new leader(s) would be well supported by the Committee and current leader.
It would be an incredible shame after seven decades and a rich history of boys passing through, for the troop to fold this summer. If you are able to help, or know someone who might, please contact Frances Wood, Treasurer on 01380 848537 or email:



We have received information from Urchfont Primary School about incidents which have recently occurred locally, this information has already been sent to parents but it is hoped that distribution to and better awareness in the wider community may help to prevent further incidents:

Incident One - We have been advised of an incident on Monday 16th November in which a pupil walking home from school towards Littleton Panel was approached by an unknown female driver offering to give the pupil a lift home. Luckily the pupil was sensible and mature enough to say no and keep walking until safely home. The incident has been reported to the police and they are aware of the details and woman's description.

Incident Two - Schools have been asked to make parents aware of a recent incident in which a pupil near Devizes School was approached by an unknown male driver who encouraged her to get into his car several times. The incident has been reported to the police and they are aware of the details and man's description. We have been informed that the incident involved a dark green saloon car and the person concerned was described as being a white male of approx. 50-60 years of age with grey hair. He was of medium build, wore glasses and was scruffy in appearance.

Urchfont School already promote 'Stranger Danger' awareness within school and will continue to do so but in the light of this incident the school ask that all parents remain vigilant with your children and ensure that they know the key informationm surronding 'Starnger Danger'.







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