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The Parish Council has decided to change its operational structure and how we do business with effect November 2013, primarily to improve effieciency. All Council business will now be dealt with by the Full Council on a monthly basis instead of utilising a number of Standing Committees.


The Full Council will normally meet on the second Wednesday of each month in the Conference Room of Urchfont Village Hall. Agendas for these meetings will be posted on the Parish Notice Boards and Website during the week before each meeting and draft minutes posted similarly a few days after meetings. Occasionally other meetings will be arranged to discuss urgent business. See 'Meeting Schedule' for dates of meetings.


Planning business will be considered on the same night as the Full Council meeting in accordance with the current UPC Planning Policy and Procedure.

Planning matters will be the first item to be taken at the Full Council meeting and be subject to a separate planning agenda. The Council Chairman will chair the meeting with Lead Councillor for Planning conducting planning proceedings. Planning draft minutes will be taken and published by the Planning Administrator on notice boards and on the website.


Each councillor will be assigned Council lead roles based on areas of responsibility and work to the following generic terms of reference in relation to that specific area of responsibility:

  • Being the primary point of contact.
  • Liaising directly with and seeking legislative / administrative advice from the Clerk to the Council.
  • Attending formal meetings.
  • Working with other organisations where necessary.
  • Presenting budgetary requirements and report every 3 months.
  • Seeking support from other councillors.
  • Reporting to the full council regularly, minimum twice a year.
  • Bringing issues for debate to any council meeting, if put on the agenda.
  • Ensuring that relevant papers are distributed prior to a meeting.
  • Following up actions assigned during a council meeting.
  • Where appropriate, managing agreed projects within their area of responsibility


All lead councillor roles were reviewed and updated at the Full Council meeting on 13th September 2017- CLICK HERE to see the updated listing.


The Clerk to the Council remains the Council focal point for interaction with the public and other organisations; he will consult with lead councillors as necessary. However, in future if you have a concern or suggestion about one of the above areas of responsibility you can contact the lead councillor direct if you wish - Click 'Councillors & Officers' for contact details or click the 'Contact Us' page to contact the Clerk by email.


Where necessary working groups will be established with defined terms of reference and deadlines to complete a task, these groups may include the co-option of non councillors from the Parish to widen expertise and knowledge available.


The following Committees have now been disbanded:

Cemetery, Allotments and Playing Field Committee (CAP)

The Amenities Committee

Chairmen’s Committee
Consultation Committee
Planning Committee


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