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Annual Report

The Annual Report for 2017/18 was given at the Annual Parish Meeting held on 13th April 2018. The meeting was attended by around 32 members of the public plus 9 Parish Councillors, the Parish Clerk and Planning Administrator. The following agenda was followed, you can see powerpoint presentations where given by clicking on the Links below:

  • Review of Parish Council Activities in 2017/18 - Cllr Dave Mottram (Chairman)
  • UPC 10 Year Startegy - Cllr Dave Mottram
  • UPC Finances 2017/18 - Cllr Bill Donald
  • Best Kept Village Competition 2018 - Cllr dave Mottram
  • Development of Farmers Field - Cllr Lewis Cowen
  • ?'My New Job' - WC Councillor Philip Whitehead

A few questions were raised during and following the presntations, mainly to do with potholes and poor state of the highway in places.



Annual Accounts and Governance Return

The Local Audit and Accountability Act 2014 and the Accounts and Audit Regulations 2015 require this Return to be completed annually, approved by the Council and submitted to the appointed external auditor by early June. This Return includes the Annual Accounting Statement and Annual Governance Statement which are both subject to internal and external audit scrutiny along with all supporting documents.

The Council is required to publish this Annual Return for 2017/18 UNAUDITED together with the Notice of Public Rights on the website to facilitate the Review by external auditors PKF Littlejohn LLP. Click the document title

Unaudited Annual Return 2017/18                                                                   ?

Notice of Public Rights during period 18th June to 27th July 2018 (inclusive) and Summary of Your Rights                          




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