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Urchfont Pond - Algae Warning

Potentially harmful blue / green Algae remains in Urchfont Pond despite Council efforts to eliminate. Latest samples (April 2020) show that potentially harmful algae remains above the level that would allow removal of warning signs - please continue to comply with the warning signs around the pond until advised otherwise.

The Parsih Council will continue to take steps to hopefully bring down the algae concentration using dyes and bacteria over the coming weeks.

The first batch of around 1600 fish were removed from the pond last week as an identified  key step to minimising the algae and have now been rehomed to the Cotswold Wildlife Park. A significant number of additional fish will be removed next week. Planting will be the next step.

Please do not dispose of any of your unwanted garden pond fish into the Pond at any time, removal of fish as described above is an expensive project potentially costing around £1,400 + VAT to date.

(Updated 21st May 2020)