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Updated Website

This website, which was initiated by Urchfont Parish Council in 2012, is currently undergoing an upgrade to facilitate a more up to date responsive design and improve accessibility for all users including those with disabilities. What you see now completes the initial and probably the most obvious phase of the update introducing new menu and page templates etc., other changes / improvements will be gradually introduced over the coming days and weeks.

Our thanks go to e-mango who have been and still are working closely with us to facilitate these changes.

The content of pages has basically remained unchanged as displayed in the previous website templates, but we intend to  review and update page individual content as part of the project. If the page relating to your organisation / group  in the Community requires updating, please contact the Clerk to the Council (clerk@urchfont-pc.gov.uk) as soon as possible.

(Published 18th May 2020)